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Services & Trainings

Why you need HSEQ?
In a culture of increased litigation, Neither a business can risk ignoring its personnel Health, Safety and Environment nor Quality.

Regardless of size, every company is affected by HSEQ policies and regulations.
Whether you are responsible for the Health and Safety function and require full time assistance to help you through a specific project, an external audit of your systems or you are a smaller business that only needs a couple of days per year we can help.



Services Overview

Safe Modern Driving.
Many of us have actually been involved in some type of accident. Most of the time, we feel it is the other driver's fault. Most drivers believe they are better‐than‐average but there is room for improvement in all of us...
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HSEQ Trainings.
We offer a wide range of accredited and bespoke Health and Safety training courses. All our courses are certificated and can be held at our client's premises or at one of our approved training centers...
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Consultancy Packages.
If you need a cost-effective way to ensure that your company meets its HSEQ requirements, our practical, tailor made solutions will be ideal to improve business performance and profits. The packages would usually include most or all of the services any one may need...
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Safety Equipments.
HSEQ IRAN is SOLO Distributor of Well Known Safety Brands like PARKSON SAFETY (Taiwan), BAUERGROUP (Germany) and DPI (Italy).

We can provide other safety equipment from International Brands like Drager (Germany), ...
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